Tubes and Bubbles

Topological confinement of recommendations on YouTube

(image source, courtesy of DuckDuckGo)

Supplemental material to the article published in PLOS ONE by Camille Roth, Antoine Mazieres and Telmo Menezes

Made in Berlin at Centre Marc Bloch (CNRS / Humboldt) | Computational Social Science teamContact


  • ./various-computations.nb (mathematica notebook)
  • Studying the plateau ; Seed information exploration ; Plateau shape exploration ; Recommendation lifespans (figures 1 and 2) ; Visualization of human study (figure 6); Category transitions (figure 7) ; Provenance of new suggestions (figure 8)

  • ./recommendation-graphs.ipynb (jupyter notebook)
  • Metadata enriching ; Random walks, induced recommendation graphs and sample visualizations (figure 4), Correlation graphs (figure 5), Generate HTML pages for human study.

  • ./crawler/ (python/golang scripts)
  • Seeds were splitted among several servers. This is the code for one server.